Where do I park?

Celebrations “Steamboat Landing” has a 2 acre free private secure parking lot – with a handicapped access-lower parking lot (closest to the boarding ramp) – adjacent to where the Vessel is docked

Does Celebrations have Handicapped access?

Yes we have all ramps to the inside of Vessel, outside bow & restrooms, (there are stairs however to the sky deck).

Is smoking Allowed?

Yes any outside areas-sky deck or  bow

Are Vegetarian, Children’s or other menus available?

Yes please let your cruise director know of these wishes.

What kind of entertainment is aboard?

Celebrations has an on-board I- system, tv monitors (you may furnish your own phone or computer)  with microphone P.A. to both decks @ no charge. However Celebrations does have a full agency of live entertainment.

Are there any age constrictions on the cruises?

No – all ages welcome. Minors require adult supervision

If one or more of my guest don’t show for the cruise, will they miss the cruise and do I get a refund?

No Celebrations charges on how many are more – the final number given to office prior to cruise (client will sign this confirmation a few days prior to event) or how many board vessel. Also celebrations will not cruise until the charter gives ok to do so – if waiting for guests, however this does extend into your cruise time.

I have a gift certificate, how do I redeem it?

Mention it to sales prior to final payment of event.

Do you do anything special for birthdays, anniversaries, or other celebrations?

Yes since all we do is private cruises, please ask your sales representative for ideas.

What time do I board the Vessel?

Generally boarding for all guests is 30 minutes prior to cruise, however decorations and entertainment set up can be done 2 hours prior to cruise-ask your sales representative.

Can I bring wedding or anniversary cake or flowers on board?


Is there pre-assigned or general seating?

It is entirely up to the main charter contact

What time does Celebrations cruise?

It is entirely up to the Charterer-all cruises are private and custom to their wishes. Lunch cruises are two hours, Dinner, Hors D’uerve cruises are three hours.

Are there life-preservers aboard?

All Vessels are 100% U.S. Coast Guard approved and certified, with all life saving equipment, including children life vests.

Will I get seasick?

The vast majority of our guests experience no discomfort at all, however if you are susceptible to movement it may be recommended to take Dramamine a few hours prior to boarding, ask your doctor.

Will I get cell phone service out on the water?

Yes most cellular services are available on the Ohio River.

Is gratuity included?

Yes the majority of our menus and cruises charge a service fee (gratuity), however on certain events the bartenders do have a tip jar out on the bar.

What happens if it rains?

Celebrations sails ran or shine. In the vary rare cases of severe weather, river  conditions or upon the direction of The Coast Guard – we will remain dockside.

Does Celebrations have a wharf docking boat?

Yes includes rest rooms and staging area pre boarding for its guests (out of the weather), includes a gift shop as-well.

Does Celebrations have a Bridal suite?

Yes Celebrations has a building on the premises available for rental-full bath & shower,  leather coaches accommodations.

If we get married on The Boat what kind of marriage license do we obtain?

If you get married on the Ohio River and since we dock in Kenton County KY you are required to obtain a marriage license at the Kenton County Court house in Covington Ky. However we can move the Boat over to the Cincinnati Public landing and actually dock up to this area were it is considered Hamilton County and thus a Cincinnati / Hamilton County marriage license, obtained at the Court house on Court Street downtown Cincinnati.

Can the Captain marry us?

Our captains are not licensed for performing marriages -however we do have a full list of chaplains/ministers available.

What time is the food and bar service?

The bar is open immediately upon boarding our guests, food service is up to our Charterer and their itinerary.

What should I wear?

Cincinnati Casual attire khaki pants and a collard shirt are just fine. More formal events you are attending may ask for you to dress accordingly. Bring along a light jacket or wrap as it may get breezy on the outer decks-more so in spring and fall months.